1. Does it cost anything to notify Arkansas 811?

There is no cost to contact Arkansas
811 if you are digging or doing some form of excavation.

2. Do the utility companies charge to locate their lines?

Utility companies do not charge for marking their underground facilities.

3. Does Arkansas 811 locate utility lines?

No, Arkansas 811 is a notification center.  Members of Arkansas 811 (utility companies) and or contract locators are responsible for marking their underground lines.

4. Are all utility companies members of Arkansas 811?

Arkansas state law says that anyone with a buried facility in a right of way must join Arkansas 811. During your call to Arkansas 811, a CSR will read the list of utilities we will be notifying. If the CSR doesn’t say a utility that you feel may have something in the area it is important to let them know right away. After this, that utility will be added to your ticket.

5. If the service is free to use, how does Arkansas 811 get paid?

Utility companies pay a monthly fee to maintain membership with Arkansas 811.

6. How long is a locate request valid?

Once called in the ticket is valid for 20 working days. The work must start within 10 working days and all locate marks must be visible. Your locate request is valid for 20 working days excluding weekends and holidays.

7. Can I find out the depth of underground lines at my dig site?

This is possible, but not likely. Arkansas state law says that the utility shall furnish this information if it is known. However, most utilities do not provide this information.

8. Will the utility company locate my private lines?

The utility company will only locate their lines on private or public property. Any buried line behind the meter belongs to the property owner. Due to this, the utility company will not mark behind the meter. Please note that there are companies that locate private lines behind the meter for a fee.

9. Who is required to notify Arkansas 811 before digging/excavating?

Anyone that will be disturbing the ground is required to contact Arkansas 811. Examples include: planting a tree, building a fence, installing a swimming pool, placing a mailbox post, concrete work, driveway work, ditch work, etc. This applies to all homeowners, government agencies, plumbers, farmers working within the ROW, and many more.

10. Will the utility companies let me know when the lines are marked?

No. Arkansas state law requires each utility to mark the worksite within 2 working days with paint or flags in order to identify their buried lines at your work site. Each company will locate its lines using a designated color. If you’re not sure that your lines have been marked, you can go to www.arkansas811.com and key in your ticket number. If the utility associated with your dig participates in Positive Response, you will be able to see which companies have been to your location. 


11. How long do I have to wait before I start digging?

Utility companies have two working days to locate their lines. So, you may start your dig after two working days granted your lines have been marked by utility companies.

12. What if no one shows up to mark my lines?
After two working days if there are still no paint marks/flags and the utility company has not contacted you directly, please call Arkansas 811 and we will issue a 2nd request on your behalf. Do not start digging yet.
13. If I am having work done on my property, who is responsible for notifying Arkansas 811?

The person or company responsible for the excavation or demolition should notify Arkansas 811.

14. How can I be certain that all of my lines have been marked?
You will receive a list of utilities that Arkansas 811 will notify after your ticket is completed. Each utility will mark their lines with paint or flags in a designated color at your dig site, or they will notify you directly. This will ensure that all lines are marked before you begin your dig.
15. I’m not going to dig very deep. Do I still have to notify Arkansas 811?

Yes, you must still follow the same procedures listed above. Arkansas 811 needs to be contacted anytime excavation is planned regardless of how shallow or deep you plan to excavate.

16. How do the utility companies mark their lines?

Utility companies or contract locators will mark their lines with electronic locating equipment. Sometimes they will use a probing device or actually dig up (expose) the lines to verify that everything is safe and correct. Utility companies and contract locators make every effort to ensure the public is safe while also trying to protect the utility lines in the area.



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