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 Whether you are installing a mailbox or building a fence, you are required to contact Arkansas 811 before you begin digging. There are multiple ways you can request to have underground lines located. You can contact us by going online, via our app Arkansas 811, or by simply dialing 8-1-1. All methods are free and available 24/7!

Things to Remember

  • Arkansas 811 does not locate utility lines. We are just the notification center.
  • Utility companies have two working days to locate their buried lines. Each company will mark in a designated color.
  • The CSR will give you a list of utilities that we will notify. Each utility will come to your dig site, or they will hire a locating service to mark their lines at your dig site.
  • If there are no markings after two working days, please call Arkansas 811. Have your ticket number handy and we will notify the utilities for you again.
  • Once the utility companies have located their lines, you must hand dig or use a method approved by the utility within 18 inches of either side of the marks.
  • Please keep in mind that utility companies will only locate their lines. There may be private facilities at your dig site that utility companies will not be able to mark. For example, any utility line behind the meter belongs to the property owner.
  • If you have not completed digging within 20 working days, or your marks are faded, you will need to contact Arkansas 811 to renew your ticket. Please note that if your markings are not visible your request will be considered invalid.
  • If damage occurs, stop work and contact the utility company and 811.  If gas is escaping notify 9-1-1



DIAL 811 or 1-800-482-8998

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