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What do the colors mean?

 Locators use the APWA Uniform color code to mark underground facilities. Each color used represents a different type of utility. The chart depicts what each color represents.

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Quick Tips

Please be ready with the following information when you call in your locate:

  1. The name, address, and telephone number of the person providing the notice, and if different the contact name and number of someone that will be on site.
  2. Who is the work being done for?
  3. The anticipated duration of the proposed excavation or demolition
  4. The type of proposed excavation or demolition to be conducted
  5. The location of the proposed excavation or demolition (including county, town, nearest intersection or cross street and directions to the site)
  6. Whether or not explosives are to be used in the proposed excavation or demolition.
  7. Will you be Directional Boring
  8. Have the proposed dig site marked in white

Know the Law!

Have questions about the Damage Prevention Act?

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Unmarked Lines?

A “Second Request” notice is used when informing member operators when they have not been out to mark the area and the 2 -day work notice has expired.  Excavators will be asked:  “what facilities have not been marked?”


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