History and partnership

The Arkansas 811 Center was established in 1978, in Central Arkansas, and expanded state-wide in 1981. It was created to provide an easy way for excavators to notify multiple utilities before digging with just 1 free phone call.


In it’s efforts to accomplish its goals of education, training, improved communication coordination, the promotion of technology, and protecting the public, Arkansas 811 has expanded its programs beyond the call center over the years. Arkansas 811 is a shareholder in Progressive Partnering, Inc., a group of non-profit one-call centers that came together in 1997 to develop call center software that focused on performance rather than profits and directly addressed the call centers’ needs. The result was GeoCall, call center management software developed by Neel-Schaffer but owned by Progressive Partnering, Inc.


The Arkansas Regulatory Partnership Program was launched in 2003. The Program is a cooperative effort between 49 Arkansas pipelines and gas distribution companies and Arkansas 811 to provide excavators and emergency responders with the information they need to help prevent damage to pipeline facilities that could threaten life or property, and to respond properly should such an accident occur. Through these relationships, as well as others, One-Call is committed to being an Arkansas Damage Prevention Partner.


DIAL 811 or 1-800-482-8998

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